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26 July 2006 @ 08:33 pm
~layout.... gomen!!  
Okay. It's Wednesday. I know.
I just haven't been in a layout making mood... well, for this community, anyways. XD I made two layouts, but anytime I said, "Okies, time to make the Amaterase layout!! =D" I'd say, "Ooh, well, I'll wait a little bit, my baked potatoe's done..." or, "Oh, no one's on the GameCube, I can play Animal Crossing!! =D"
So I only got to it now, and I'm really sorry it took me three days!!!!! >_______<;;;;
But yeah. Now it's up. ^^ And it's only a header change, sorry... I think this is working well, this style, and I'll change it sometime, but not for a couple rounds. ^^

So how do you guys like this band so far? It's not really my style... It kind of scares me. xD;;; But still!! I'm glad I tried it out!! ^O^
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